Services & Pricing

Manicures and Pedicures

Dry Manicure: $50
Classic Pedicure: $60
GEL Manicure: $65
Mani – Pedi “Combo”: $100
GEL Mani – Classic Pedi “Combo”: $115
GEL Mani – GEL Pedi “Combo”: $130
Spa Mani – Spa Pedi “Combo”: $160
Dip  Powder Manicure: $75
Acrylic Full Set: $100

Acrylic In-Fill Service: $85
Gel X Soft Gel Extensions: $130
Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure: $80

Nail Add-Ons

Level 1 Nail Art: $15
Level 2 Nail Art: $25
Gel Removal: $10
Dip Removal: $20
Acrylic Removal: $30
Extended Massage: $15

Waxing Hair Removal

Brazilian: $90
Full Legs: $90


Full Arms: $60
Bikini: $50
Half Legs: $50
Half Arms: $40
Underarms: $20
Lip/Chin: $20

Massage Services

(call to book)

60 Minute Massage: $150
90 Minute Massage: $200

This would never be a problem while using a hygienic, single use pedicure kits from our store. Open them up right in front of the client to make them are you only using disposable tools


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How’s does your client tell you what she wants for her nail art? 🤗


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Client’s NAILFIE 💜💚💛💙❤️
We love love love colorful French!!

NP Pro: Raisa

We are at your service 6am-11pm 🚓💨weekdays, weekends and holidays!

Pre-book in advance or
book the SAME DAY

Book on-line or call the office!!

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Gel manicure at your place on your time.

Book yours today!

💝 Gift certificates available. 🎁

Convenient on-line self booking platform

For last minute availability call the office
📲 786-755-3454

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Gel pedicure + nail art

All nail services delivered to your house!
Book today!

NP pro: Edith


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Gel manicure + nail art + at your place + any time = win win for a busy woman!!


Nail Patrol ®️

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Dip powder manicure on natural nails. Since dip powder is from acrylics family, it’s not as flexible as gel polish, so it’s recommended to have them in oval, round or almond shape for the best wearability.

NP Pro: Jackie
Nail prep: @nailpatrolstore
Products: Slick Pour by @YoungNailsInc

Book your at home nail therapy today!

Nail Patrol ®️ Nail Services on Demand.
Proudly serving South Florida - from Homestead to Boca Raton.

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