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According to 12 archetypes in branding - I am an explorer. I have a deep passion for traveling, engaging in active sports, and avoiding boring routines. My journey began back in 2015 when I worked at Exhale Spa. There was a moment when a client with a newborn baby requested an at-home nail service. Multiple word-of-mouth referrals followed, revealing to me the opportunity to combine my love for manicures with my desire for exploration, even if it was traveling just within Miami.

My path to growth was not without challenges. While I rapidly expanded, the task of building a strong team appeared to be not that simple. Finding nail professionals who would share my values and mission was definitely a process. My expertise lies in nail knowledge and organization process, not the intricacies of business management. However, I pursued learning and educating myself, taking numerous classes to confront the obstacles I faced.
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The year 2020 brought us lots of challenges, the pandemic forced us to adapt fast. We had to urgently expand our staff in order to meet growing client demand, we were not ready for this and had to adapt fast. We remained steady in prioritizing safety through meticulous sanitation protocols.

The same year, we experienced a shortage of essential supplies, specifically premium quality disposable nail products. Committed to delivering both safety and efficacy, it took me six months to develop a line of disposable manicure and pedicure kits. These kits now serve not only our business but also fellow salons and freelance nail artists, available for purchase on multiple online marketplaces.

We experienced the quiet times in the summers of 2022 and 2023 when things slowed down in Miami. But during this time, we made the most of it. Our team took much-needed breaks and learned about new trends and techniques. We also worked on restructuring our inside processes for smoother operations and more news we'll share in September 2023.

We also just marked Nail Patrol's 8th birthday in July 2023, and I really appreciate my awesome managers and teammates. Our story shows how we love to explore and learn new things and how we're dedicated to providing the best nail care.

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Our team members are fully licensed and insured beauty professionals delivering on-demand, quality service in the Miami FL area from Homestead to Boca Raton.

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Nail Patrol is a team of beauty freelancers, who are licensed and insured in their scope of practice. Our nail technicians travel throughout Miami FL delivering on-demand services to our clients, from in-home manicures to parties and professional events. Submit your application to become part of our team today!
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